Аэропорт. Сергей Лойко


«Аеропорт» – це не хроніка, не розслідування, не літопис. Це художній вимисел, заснований на реальних фактах. У книзі багато персонажів, багато переплетених драматичних сюжетних ліній. Роман не тільки і не стільки про війну. Він і про любов, про зраду, пристрасть, ненависть, лють, ніжність, відвагу, біль і смерть. Іншими словами, про наше сьогоднішнє й учорашнє життя.

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За первые три дня продаж в Амазоне, книга на русском языке стала бестселлером: №1 в разделе “зарубежная литература”.

«Аэропорт» – это не хроника, не расследование, не летопись. Это художественный вымысел, основанный на реальных фактах. В книге много персонажей, много переплетающихся драматических сюжетных линий. Роман не только и не столько о войне. Он и про любовь, про предательство, страсть, измену, ненависть, ярость, нежность, отвагу, боль и смерть. Иными словами, про нашу сегодняшнюю и вчерашнюю жизнь.

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«Airport» is neither a war chronicle, nor a documentary, nor an investigative novel. It is a work of fiction based on true facts and events. The novel has a lot of characters and many intertwining dramatic plot lines. The novel is not only and not so much about the war everyone thought was impossible. It is also about love, betrayal, passion, cheating, hate, rage, tenderness, courage, pain and death. In other words, this is a book about our today’s and yesterday’s life.

We implemented a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the translation of Airport into English. It reached its funding goal of $7,000.00 in the first three weeks after its launch and collected a total of over $8,600.00 in pledges.

Amazon customer review: “Aeroport” is the latest release from the acclaimed war correspondent and author Sergey Loiko. The title refers to the bloody battle in the Donetsk Airport in Easter Ukraine where the local rebels tried to fend off the invading pro-Russian forces. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been much forgotten and eclipsed by other recent developments in the world, but it still rages on nonetheless. Mr.Loiko has documented the wars in Afghanistan in Iraq, and has now spent four days in the Donetsk Airport documenting that battle. His immersive narrative will throw the reader right in the heart of combat; to the sounds of missile and bullet strikes, agonizing moans of wounded soldiers, weeps of grieving mothers, the smell of burning flesh in destroyed vehicles, and other graphic horrors of this forgotten and ignored war. At long last, the much awaited and anticipated depiction is here.

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